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Welcome to Colmina

Our mission is to build a community of advice and well-being for all. With a focus on excellence, we aim to surpass the expectations of our clients, ensuring a lasting positive impact on their financial future.

Maximize returns
while minimizing risk with tailored asset management.

Reach your financial goals and secure your future with strategic investments.



Secure your future with specialized risk management and loan optimization.

Partner with us for strategic financial security to mitigate risks and optimize liabilities.

Craft your financial future precisely with individualized planning solutions.

Secure your wealth
and unlocking your potential for financial success.

Shape your dream retirement with flexible personalized planning options.

Secure a fulfilling future and peace of mind through custom-fit solutions.  

Protect what you've earned with carefully curated planning-aligned partnerships. 

We provide vetted, trusted resources to help you reach your goals.

We can help you achieve your life goals

  • Asset management tailored to your unique needs

  • ​Risk Alignment to help you invest & sleep at night

  • Personalized service and dedicated investment advisors​​

  • Access to financial planning resources covering retirement account strategies, Social Security, Medicare, estate planning, debt management, and so much more

  • A fiduciary duty to always put clients’ interests first—and one simple, transparent fee that means we only do better when you do better!

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