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Helping you visualize your financial life.

The Asset-Map is a visual experience that displays all of a household’s members, entities, financial assets, liabilities, cash-flows, and insurance policies. Tools allow you to define your household’s most important financial priorities and track their progress with interactive Target-Maps. Asset-Map visually organizes all of a household’s finances in a clear graphical layout, allowing your advisor to apply their professional insight in real-time.

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Get a bird's eye view of your  financial life. Spot gaps, opportunities, and missing financial information, and feel prepared for your next visit. Have access to view money moves at all times. Track your income and expenses, retirement income, asset allocation, and net worth all from a single dashboard.

Count on a centralized system for your estate planning needs. Keep all the documents and relevant information, such as wills, trusts, and more, recorded in your Asset-Map project, and never lose track of important information again. Link important estate planning documents, such as wills or power of attorney, through your notes, and always remember where things are with our estate planning software.

When looking ahead to retirement, you don't want a 75-page financial plan. Instead, get a suite of financial planning tools that summarizes your financial life. Come into your next session knowing you will receive comprehensive, personalized advice that suits your current financial situation.

See everything you need in one place and
know your financial planning details at a glance.


At Colmina, we focus on modeling every aspect of your financial picture - assets, liabilities, risk and return.  We work hard to help you reach your goal - with a wealth of retirement options, combined with planning and investments that see you and your goals as individual and unique. At Colmina, we believe that helping you achieve your life goals is our highest calling.

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