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Concierge Services

Comprehensive Concierge: Tailored Support for Financial Peace of Mind


Elevate financial wellness through tailored support and comprehensive concierge services, paving the way for a stress-free financial journey and peace of mind.

Our Comprehensive Concierge Services redefine financial support. Beyond traditional assistance, we offer personalized guidance and resources to help you get the most out of what you've earned. From lifestyle services to forensic financial expertise, we're your trusted partner in safeguarding your financial interests.


Our Core Principles for Concierge Service






A core belief that curating well-being means diversification of advice to help protect your future.

Integrated resources to help you safely navigate large purchases to keep your financial plan on track.

Forensic resources to help you protect your personal and business interests.

Planning-aligned partnerships to provide resources to help you protect what you've earned.

A lifelong discipline to help you build long-term wealth with experienced purchasing advice.

Secure your financial future. Our Comprehensive Concierge Services provide unparalleled support for a stress-free financial journey. From personalized lifestyle assistance to forensic financial expertise, we're dedicated to ensuring your financial peace of mind. Start your journey towards financial security with us.

Lifestyle Services

How you purchase and liquidate assets can make a big difference in how far your money goes. 
Take advantage of customized transaction services to protect what you've earned.

Major Purchase Consulting

No matter what large purchase you are considering, we're here to help you analyze the value and offer thoughtful advice and alternatives.

Auto Purchase Negotiation

Take the pressure out of high-pressure auto sales. Let us help you find the right car for you and help streamline the negotiation process.

Estate Liquidations

Need help organizing an asset or estate liquidation? Let us be your trusted partner in evaluating and liquidating your assets - including collectibles!

Forensic Accounting

Protect your financial future with next-level accounting and forensic resources for peace of mind.

Partnership Forensic Audit

Forensic audits are not just limited to legal matters. Due diligence and financial examination are instances where forensic analysis can be helpful.

Divorce Analytics

Forensic analysis and valuation of divorce assets, including testimony, can have a  beneficial impact on determining and communicating a fair settlement.

Forensic Accounting

Professional, Credible, and knowledgeable analysis and valuation can be a critical component to 

protecting your financial interests.

Empower your financial journey. Partner with us for tailored support, lifestyle enhancements, and forensic expertise.

Start securing your financial peace of mind!

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Achieve financial well-being by seamlessly aligning your investments, loans, insurance, planning, retirement, and spending. Your financial advisor collaborates with a team of experts to provide tailored advice for creating, building, and safeguarding your wealth. 


At Colmina, we focused on modeling every aspect of your financial picture - assets, liabilities, risk and return.  We work hard to help you reach your goal - with a portfolio of customized services designed to help you keep what you've worked so hard to earn. At Colmina, we believe that helping you achieve your life goals is our highest calling.

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