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Edward K. Riley

Chief Executive Officer

EK Riley is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Colmina, LLC. Ed leverages over 20 years of financial industry leadership experience as the Founder and CEO of EK Riley Investments, a Seattle-based independent broker/dealer. Before EK Riley, Ed worked in various roles in Wall Street - Institutional Sales & Trading, Municipal Bond Brokers-broker, correspondent banker, research analyst, and software development manager. After a successful acquisition of EK Riley by LPL in 2020, Ed pursued the foundation of Colmina as a result of a life-long dream to help financial professionals from all walks of life pursue their Wall Street aspirations - leveraging virtual offices, flexible and robust payouts, and a community spirit that makes Colmina different than any other company.

At the core of Colmina is the belief that it’s time to shift the primary role of financial advice from asset management to the holistic curation of client well-being. We believe that advisers should see themselves as financial gerontologists, helping clients successfully navigate each of their life stages by identifying what matters most at each life transition and prepare accordingly. Financial planning, yes… but so much more! While managing financial resources is important, we endeavor to serve our communities with more - Curating well-being.

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