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Financial Spotlight: Charitable Giving

In the season of giving, we wanted to share with you some thoughts on Charitable Giving and whether or not it may be something you'd like to consider in your financial planning this year.


Embracing the spirit of gratitude and giving, let's explore the positive effects of contributing to charitable causes. Beyond the immediate impact of aiding those in need, the act of donating has profound benefits that extend to personal growth and community empowerment.


  • Strengthen Personal Values: When you contribute to charitable causes, you're not just giving; you're aligning with your core values. This act not only boosts your mood but also reinforces your moral conscience.

  • Empower Your Community: Donating goes beyond monetary support; it empowers communities to thrive. It enables individuals to invest in positive change, enhancing the beauty and well-being of spaces around them. By identifying and supporting local causes, you actively contribute to the improvement of your immediate environment.

  • Inspire Generosity in Others: Your commitment to giving becomes a beacon for friends and family, inspiring them to follow suit. Witnessing your charitable acts encourages others to support causes close to their hearts, fostering a culture of generosity and shared values within your circle.

  • Add Meaning to Life: While wealth provides a comfortable standard of living, donating elevates its meaning. By giving to charity, you infuse your wealth with purpose. This allows you to express yourself, support causes that resonate with your life, and contribute to positive change in the world around you.


If you have decided that charitable giving is something that speaks to you, here are some strategies to enhance your charitable giving, blending financial wisdom with the warmth of holiday generosity: 

  • Include your financial planner: Begin your giving journey by involving your financial planner. They can help you understand the amount you can comfortably donate, integrating charitable giving into your overall financial plan. By aligning your financial and philanthropic goals, you set the stage for impactful giving.


  • Research Charities: Before donating, take a moment to research and understand how various charities operate. Websites like Charity Navigator and GuideStar provide insights into a charity's impact, instilling confidence in your choice and empowering you to support its meaningful mission.

  • Donate Appreciated Assets: Infuse joy into your giving by donating appreciated assets like stocks directly to a charity. This not only increases your donation value but also lowers your tax burden. By utilizing donor-advised funds (DAFs), you can further optimize the impact of your appreciated assets while enjoying tax benefits.

  • Divest Private Interests: Work with your financial advisor to divest non-publicly traded interests in support of charitable causes. Whether it's a family-owned business or alternative investments, strategic divestiture can be a powerful way to make a difference. Consider adopting the bunching strategy for maximum savings.

  • Celebrate High-Income Years with Giving: Express gratitude for high-income years by taking advantage of charitable contributions. Donating to DAFs not only lowers your taxable income but also allows for reinvestment, creating a positive cycle of earning and giving.

  • Embrace Qualified Charitable Distributions: For those aged 70½ or older, explore qualified charitable distributions (QCDs). These distributions, also known as IRA charitable rollovers, offer a tax-efficient way to meet required minimum distributions while supporting your chosen charities.

The intentional blend of financial planning, research, and strategic giving creates a powerful legacy that extends beyond the holiday season. Donating to charity becomes a fulfilling journey that supports your causes and leaves a lasting impact on the community.


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